US Martial Arts Academy
Tae Kwon Do / Hapkido / Han Moo Do / Kum Do (Sword) / Weapons / Karate
Glen Burnie, Maryland:  TEL) 410-768-5585  **  337E Hospital Drive, Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Atlanta, Georgia: TEL) 770-263-1300  **  5510 Spalding Dr. Ste A., Norcross, GA  30092
"My Goal is to Achieve a Black Belt!"
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Welcome to the US Martial Arts Academy web site!


U.S. Martial Arts is a world renowned professional Martial Art School.
It originally started as “Bai’s Tae Kwon Do” school in 1973.
As more types of Martial Arts were added to our program the name changed to U.S. Martial Arts.
The U.S. Martial Art School is an official member of the World Tae Kwon Do Federation, U.S.A Taekwondo, Pan American Martial Arts Federation and World Hapkido Federation.
Based on its extensive professional history and experience, U.S. Martial Arts serves as a guardian of physical and mental health for the local community.
Now, you can make an important first step toward a commitment to yourself and success!

 June 2008 News Letter

KUM DO - Sword Class is recruiting new members!

Please contact U.S. Martial Arts Academy at 410-768-5585 to join the exciting Kum Do - Sword class!

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